Step 1
On the Bank tab, you will see a new button for Bank Feeds:
Step 2
Press the Bank Feeds button and you will see the following:
Step 3
Please read the Terms and Conditions link (which will open in a new window), and indicate your acceptance by selected the checkbox.

At this point, the ‘Link Bank Accounts’ button is enabled.

Pressing this button launches the Yodlee App to allow you to select your bank providers (e.g. RBS, HSBC etc) and then securely enter the bank credentials for each.

Yodlee gathers information from supported banks, either by direct feeds or by automation. Yodlee then passes your bank transaction details to AccountsNet in order to display them in our portal software. With Yodlee, to benefit from the Bank feeds service, you must provide them with your online banking credentials.

This is so the Yodlee service can access your banking data. This uses a secure connection and to protect your details they are not stored or accessible by any other party including AccountsNet.

When you are choosing bank providers and entering credentials you are communicating directly with Yodlee only and AccountsNet has no access to the information you are entering.

Step 4
With the Yodlee App you can link all accounts in one session or over a period of time, always by pressing the ‘Link Bank Accounts’ button on the AccountsNet Portal.
The graphic below shows a link being made to an Intelligent Finance Bank, the search auto completes to make finding your bank easier:
When you have chosen your bank, you will be prompted to enter your login details to allow Yodlee to provide daily bank feeds to your portal account,

When a provider has been linked, all accounts you have with the provider will be shown:

At this point you can use the small red settings wheel to delete any of the accounts from the feed you don’t require.

In addition, you can use the ‘Link Another Site’ to link any further bank providers you wish to receive feeds from.

During the Bank Account Linking process it is important that you do not click out of the Yodlee App, or you will be returned to the AccountsNet Bank Feed page from where it was launched.


When you have linked all accounts, please click outside of the Yodlee App window and all of your linked accounts will be shown in your AccountsNet portal and an initial transaction feed for each will be available.

Use the ‘Edit’ buttons to associate AccountsNet portal banks to your real bank accounts you have linked.

Click on the ‘Imported’ hyperlink to see the imported transactions for each linked account:

Step 5
Expand each transaction and use the type(new expense, existing unpaid item, Vat payment etc) to auto post the transaction to the portal so that eventually all imported transactions have been reconciled.
Step 6
Each day, new transactions will be automatically fed from your linked accounts into the portal.